Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Sara Strohschein and I’m a journalism major at Central Michigan University. I’m excited to start this journey on my first (successful) blog with all of you!

I’ve had a few other random blogs in the past, but I’m planning on being committed this time.

Upon starting my career into journalism, I figured now is as good as any time to start a blog. I will be blogging about college life, college concerns, advice, and anything else we college students struggle through our 4 (or more) years of school.

I’m currently 21 years old. Old, according to a fellow classmate. I have received my Associate’s Degree in English, and I recently moved 3 hours away from my hometown to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Many of the kids I graduated with from high school are graduating with their Bachelor’s this year, which makes me feel a bit behind. I’m very focused on finishing school now, though.

Besides being a full-time student, I also have other interests! I love to write (mainly why I chose journalism as my major), I also love reading, playing the wonderful game, the World of Warcraft, and being a women’s rights activist.

I’m excited to share my journey and experience of college with everyone.


Waiting for class to start, in Moore Hall.

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