Thanks For The Memories.

The year is 2013. I had just graduated high school. It was a great summer not only because I just graduated, but I had two tickets to the summers greatest music festival: Van’s Warped Tour.

Not everyone will consider Warped Tour to be the summers greatest festival, but to me, it was. It still is. When I was growing up, I was your typical ‘emo’ kid. I had a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, I wore a studded belt to school every day, and I thought hand warmers were cool. (They weren’t. They made my palms all sweaty.)

I was the shy girl who was always listening to my iPod in class. Alkaline Trio, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, Sleeping with Sirens, just to name a few of the famous bands I had crammed onto my 8 gig iPod Nano.

Being the music-loving teenager that I was, it was only my biggest dream to attend Van’s Warped Tour. It was like an emo kid’s paradise. At least, that’s what I imagined it to be.

Fast forward a few years, and I had finally gotten the chance to go to the fabulous Warped Tour. I had won two free tickets to Warped Tour in Detroit. I chose to take my boyfriend at the time with me. We woke up at 7 a.m. that warm July morning, just to drive four hours south of us to get to The Palace of Auburn Hills. We got off the exit on I-75 to get to The Palace, and cars were lined up for a mile or two, just to get to the festival. That’s when the excitement kicked it. I was here, with all these other people who were just like me.

We got into the parking lot, ran up to the gate, eagerly waiting to get inside the actual Warped Tour.

There were tents every where with over-priced band merchandise, tons of sweaty teenagers running around, and it was as hot as the suns surface that day. But I loved every second of it. Warped Tour was great, even better than I imagined. I was in an emo kid’s paradise.

Get Scared

The first year I attended, I saw most of my favorite bands, and I even got to meet one of them; Black Veil Brides. I waited in line for an hour or so, just to get my CD signed by all the members of the band, making it one of the most memorable days of my life.

Black Veil Brides

The following years, I got to see even more of my favorite bands from my teenage days. I bought more over price merchandise, I got a few signed items from bands I listened to, and I got a horrible sunburn every year. It got better each year I went.

This past Winter, Van’s Warped Tour announced that 2018 would be the final year of the festival. This broke the heart of many music lovers everywhere. Since 1995, Warped Tour was the best place to be in the summer for music lovers. You could see your favorite band, and some bands you’ve never heard of. You could connect with people who were as passionate about your favorite bands as you were. You could meet your idols. Warped Tour was a trip of nostalgia for many, and the perfect place to get away.


Thanks for the memories, Warped Tour. You will be missed.


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