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Luna; The kitty that made me a cat mom

It was November 17th when my roommate moved out. She was taking her cat Angel back with her to her new place. I’ve only lived with her a few months at this point, but having her take away her pet that I became so close to, sucked.

I was sad that there wasn’t a pet around to play with, cuddle with, and take care of. I love animals, especially cats. I haven’t had my own cat since I was younger.

I remember being so sad, and my boyfriend turned around, looked at me and said, ‘you wanna go to Petsmart?’

My eyes lit up. I knew what he meant by ‘going to Petsmart’. We were going to get a kitty. Weeks before, we were looking at cats at shelters and Petsmart because I wanted to get one so bad. My roommate’s cat had feline leukemia, so I couldn’t have another cat of my own around hers. We were looking for one to get once she moved out, but couldn’t find the right cat.

We decided to head to Petsmart and start looking again that night for another cat.  I couldn’t contain my excitement. We drove up to the store and my heart was already beating fast in anticipation.

We get there and I run inside to the cat section. And there. she. was.

She was curled up in a bed. I always feel so bad when I see cats in shelters because they have such small living spaces. She was curled up in her bed in her little cage. I didn’t even care, all I knew is that I wanted to take her home with me.


They let us interact with her for a bit, but I knew I wanted her right away. They told us that she had feline herpes, to see if we still wanted her. I didn’t care. It’s easy to help control. But it broke my heart when they said she was returned because of this condition. Feline herpes happens, but it doesn’t mean the cat is defective.

We purchased all of her items, got her a carrier, even a cute little heart shaped name tag. We took her home to welcome her to her new life with us.

The first night we had Luna. 

I’ve had Luna for almost a year now. We’ve dealt with ear mites, a move into a whole new apartment, and many other adventures and experiences. I love cats, and I love my kitty. It’s nice to have a pet that will always be there to comfort you, and cuddle you. People might think that cats are just ‘stupid animals’ but they’re not. They’re so much more. Adopt your own kitty and see what I mean.



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